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Fisherman Rib Jumper

Fisherman Rib Jumper


Fisherman Rib jumpers are hand framed with 100% Harris Wool. A small stock is available but most garments are made to measure.
These jumpers are suitable for men and women.
Adult Chest Sizes (inches) :-
Small 36-38
Medium 40-42
Large 44-46
Extra large 48-50
Colour tones: grey, green, brown, blue, purple and red.

Please use the “Add Message” facility during checkout or the contact form to give details of the following information:-
• Chest size
• Length of underarm – seam to wrist
• Length from nape of neck to waist or finished length
• Colour : 1st choice, 2nd choice
• Contact details : Name, address, tel number and/or email address

F/Rib Jumper Small 36 – 38″: £55 + £6 P&P [wp_cart:Fisherman Rib Jumper Small 36-38″:price:55:shipping:6:end]
F/Rib Jumper Medium 40-42″: £60 + £6 P&P [wp_cart:Fisherman Rib Jumper Medium 40-42″:price:60:shipping:6:end]
F/Rib Jumper Large 44-46″: £65 + £6 P&P [wp_cart:Fisherman Rib Jumper Large 44-46″:price:65:shipping:6:end]
F/Rib Jumper Extra large 48-50″: £70 + £6 P&P [wp_cart:Fisherman Rib Jumper Extra large 48-50″:price:70:shipping:6:end]


2 thoughts on “Fisherman Rib Jumper

  1. Hullo there,
    How long after placing an order would I be expected to receive a jumper (or two)? And, this might seem a strange question, how , much does a medium rib jumper for men weigh?

    Thank you

  2. Hello and thanks for your enquiry.

    Assuming that it would be made to measure, approximately two weeks from order to dispatch.

    Weights obviously depend on size but a 40 inch chest jumper weighs 1 Kg.

    Thanks again.

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